Indian-origin Tamil worker in Singapore wins SGD18,888 in Squid Game-themed company event

An Indian-origin Tamil worker in Singapore, named Arumugam, has won SGD18,888 at a company event. That money is equivalent to about 18 months’ salary for the worker, and the win has left him overwhelmed.

Arumugam, a Singapore worker from Tamil Nadu, India, wins the huge prize money. Photo courtesy: Pollisum Engineering

The win came a couple of days ago, at the heavy lift-and-transport company’s annual day event, and the game was based on the popular Korean show Squid Game. The event by Pollisum Engineering recreated settings and costumes from Squid Game, with a giant inflatable ball filled with Singapore dollar notes (play money) hung from the ceiling.

When Arumugam, 42, won the prize money just a whisker short of SGD19,000, he was completely and understandably emotional — as seen in a TikTok video, he fell to his knees, bowed on the ground as the winner’s name was announced, and clasped his hands over his mouth.

He plans to use the prize pot (equivalent to more than INR11 lakh) to fund some family goals back in his home state of Tamil Nadu, southern India. The goals include buying land and building a house for his wife and three children, and many other dependants. For this migrant worker who came to Singapore in search of a better life, the dreams are about to be realised.