Indian-origin student in Cardiff jailed for carrying drunk woman to his flat, raping her

Preet Vikal, 20, an Indian student in the UK has been jailed for raping a drunk and semi-conscious woman he had met in a club last year. According to a Cardiff police statement, he carried the “intoxicated” woman to his flat and raped her in June last year.

Vikal was sentenced to six years and nine months in a young offenders institution. He will serve two thirds of the sentence in custody and the remainder on licence. During his trial, he admitted to committing the rape during the early hours of June 4, 2022.

Preet and the woman had gone on a night out in Cardiff with separate groups of friends, where they met each other.

“The victim had drunk to excess and by the end of the night was, plainly, hopelessly intoxicated. She stepped outside the club and encountered Preet Vikal. The two engaged in conversation and moved away from their groups,” officials said.

A video of Preet Vikal carrying the woman in his arms and later across his shoulders, has surfaced online. The 20-year-old can be seen taking the woman to his flat via Cardiff roads. 

As they passed a pub, the woman was seen walking but leaning heavily on Preet Vikal.

“A man has been jailed for raping at a woman at a halls of residence in #Cardiff. CCTV showed Preet Vikal carrying the victim in his arms and later across his shoulders out of the city centre,” tweeted the South Wales Police Cardiff.

“Stranger attacks such as these are extremely unusual in Cardiff but in Preet Vikal we had a dangerous individual. He took advantage of an intoxicated & vulnerable young woman who became separated from friends,” they said in another tweet.

Reports said after taking the woman home, Preet took a “trophy photograph” of her and sent it to his friends.