Good Samaritan Indian migrant workers rescue Singaporean cyclist

Indian migrant workers came up for rescue of a Singaporean cyclist who fell off and suffered abrasions on his body. They cleaned his wounds and shared Indian snacks murukku. The help came when no fellow cyclists or commuter stopped to provide help to this hapless Singaporean. The latter shared the incident on his Facebook page.

Cyclist Firdhaus Rasol ( extreme right) along with Indian migrant workers who provided help when the cyclist fell off from his bicycle. Photo courtesy: FB post of Firdhaus Rasol

Cyclist Firdhaus Rasol fell from his bicycle when he was moving along East Coast Park to his workplace. His bicycle chain suddenly snapped, sending him flying over the handlebars and landing face first into the ground. As he was wearing helmet, he suffered abrasions on elbows and knees.

No fellow cyclist or passer-by stopped to provide help to this hapless cyclist.

However, some Indian migrant construction workers who were working nearby came to his rescue and provided immediate help. They helped him to stand on his feet and washed his wounds. They also tried to repair his bicycle so that he can go back to his home situated in Pasir Ris. They also offered Indian snack murukku to the cyclist.

Firdhaus Rasol shared the incident on his Facebook post. The post has since been shared more than 550 times and amassed over 2,400 likes. He also took photographs with the Indian migrant workers and posted it in on Facebook page to express gratitude to these men.