Indian couple face tragedy in Dubai

In a tragic incident, a newlywed Indian man attempted to commit suicide after he found the body of his wife hanging from a ceiling fan in his Dubai flat, said Dubai Police.

Both the husband and wife had an altercation over some issue after which the latter committed suicide. When the husband returned home, he found a suicide note scribbled with a parting message – ‘I will leave you forever and will not be back in your life again.’

An Indian couple face a tragic fate in Dubai.
An Indian couple face a tragic fate in Dubai. Photo courtesy: igberenews

Unable to bear the pain, the husband too slashed his wrists to end his life. However, he was rescued by paramedics and rushed to Rashid Hospital.

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said the police found the note inside the flat written by the woman who got married only three months before her death.

He added, “She hanged herself after a dispute with her husband and left a note that she was leaving him forever. The husband was shocked and tried to put an end to his life, too, by cutting his arteries, but he survived. It was a suicide and there is no criminal suspicion in the case.”

Giving details about the incident to a Dubai-based newspaper, Lieutenant-Colonel Abdullah Al Hafeet, deputy director of Al Ghusais police station, said  they responded to a call  about a suicide in a flat in the area.

“The woman was a 27-year-old identified as KK, and she hanged herself from the ceiling fan using a piece of cloth. Her husband was transferred to Rashid Hospital to recover from the injury after he slashed his wrist,” Lt-Colonel Al Hafeet said.

Police went to the hospital and questioned the husband who claimed the couple had an argument after which his wife locked herself in the bedroom. He said he left the house to give her a chance to calm down around 1.30 pm.

When he returned, the door was still locked and he broke it open to find his wife’s body hanging from the ceiling fan. He cut the cloth and gave her first aid in a bid to revive her.

The husband said he was in a state of shock, and that he walked into the kitchen and cut his arteries using a knife.

“He is now in a stable condition but he will be referred for prosecution on the charge of attempting suicide,” Lt-Colonel Al Hafeet said.