Indian-American CEO of Wayfair Niraj Shah tells employees to blend work and life

Indian-American CEO of a US-based online furniture company has sent a special message to its employees after the firm yielded profitable results.

Indian-American CEO of Wayfair gives special message to employees. Photo Courtesy: Niraj Shah Linkedin page 

Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah not only asked his employees to do more work but also blend ‘work with life’.

“Winning requires hard work. I believe that most of us, being ambitious individuals, find fulfillment in the joy of seeing our efforts materialize into tangible results,” Shah said in a note to employees earlier this month, celebrating the company’s recent success, and which a company spokesperson confirmed to CNN.

“Working long hours, being responsive, blending work and life, is not anything to shy away from. There is not a lot of history of laziness being rewarded with success,” Shah said.

As per a recent filing, the company has around 15,000 employees till December 2022.

The company’s profitability milestone came after the home-furnishing company engaged in cost-cutting measures, including layoffs, following recent losses after first turning a profit in early 2020, reported Business Insider.

During its most recent company earnings, posted November 1, Wayfair reported a loss of $163 million in the third quarter, which had significantly narrowed year-over-year from a $283 million loss in Q3 2022, the news portal reported.