India-UK Tech Summit: Brit PM Theresa May insists upon having ‘special bond’, promises easy travel to the UK

Smog may have gripped the Indian capital – New Delhi, but it surely couldn't bring down the energy level in British PM Theresa May and Indian PM Narendra Modi, who together inaugurated India-UK Tech Summit and insisted upon strengthening the trade opportunities.

The UK Prime Minister outlined a three-point agenda for her visit. First is to identify business opportunities and a large trade delegation is accompanying her. Second is to look at each other's priorities as 'our own priorities'. With India undertaking large programs such as 'Make in India' and 'Digital India', and the UK expanding its economic and social reforms, the two countries must support each other, she stated. She announced that the two countries are setting up an India-UK Urban Partnership. The third point is to break down barriers and make it easier to do business.

Theresa May insisted upon strengthening the trade and opportunities between India and UK and said the two countries share a 'special bond'. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought cooperation from the UK in multiple fields including research, education, healthcare and technology. He also highlighted 'Make In India' as an important aspect of India-UK bilateral engagement.

Theresa May while talking about how Indians are playing a big role in Britain's economic and social reforms, she said, "There is so much potential for India-UK relationship. Indian investment is helping us diversifying our economy."

"There would be a registered travel scheme for Indians to travel to Britain regularly," she announced.
PM Narendra Modi thanked Theresa May for choosing India and visiting the country after becoming the Prime Minister of Britain, he said, "It's an honour for us that you chose to visit India as your first bilateral visit outside Europe." While outlining the flagship missions from Digital India to Make In India, Narendra Modi said that "Affordable healthcare, clean energy, technology are the sectors opening new potential for India-UK businesses to bring innovation," said Modi.

"We must encourage greater mobility and participation of young people in education and research opportunities. Our countries face economic challenges which directly affect trade and commerce. We together have to create new opportunities," Modi said at India-UK TECH Summit.