India-UK Tech Summit: 10 things that Narendra Modi said in the opening speech

While underlining the challenges faced by the world economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said how India and the UK can explore and can leverage technological prowess to create new opportunities, while seeking investments in defence, manufacturing and aerospace sectors.

While addressing the India-UK Tech Summit, Modi elaborated on his government’s initiatives in areas  like ‘Smart’ cities, startups, and digital economy.  Here are the 10 key points from his opening speech :

1. It is vital that India and UK, two countries linked by history, work together to define the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

2. India is now the fastest growing large economy with the most open investment climate.

3. Confident that India and UK can together leverage scientific strengths & technological prowess to create new opportunities.

4. The present India-UK cooperation in S&T is driven by 'high quality' and 'high impact' research partnerships.

5. We have agreed to establish a Clean Energy R&D Centre on solar energy & a new Anti-Microbial Resistance initiative.

6. India's partnership with the UK in industrial research has been one of our most exciting programs.

7. Science is Universal but Technology has to be local. Such summits throw an opportunity to understand each other's requirements.

8. A privilege that PM Theresa May has joined us; I am aware that India has always been close to your heart & you have been our great friend.

9. PM outlined various flagship missions – from Digital India to Make in India, financial services & Smart cities – as opportunities for investment.

10. Education is vital for our students. We must encourage greater mobility & participation of young people in education/research opportunities.