India Pride Project: Getting Indian Idols where they belong

Indians across the world can take pride in what he does. People around the globe work support his efforts for free, and his achievements are applauded and endorsed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.

Having spent his career is banking and consulting Anuraag Saxena might seem like any other NRI, but the founder of India Pride Project has achieved a mammoth task of standing up and fighting against the international heritage mafia gaining much success.

With a mission of bringing back India’s stolen heritage to where it rightfully belongs, Anuraag, along with some friends in Singapore, started India Pride Project a few years back. With zero budget, using Facebook and Twitter, he reached out to people around the world to help him get to his target and didn’t shy away from wearing an investigator’s cap when needed.

A project, which has now turned into a movement has already made countries like Germany, UK, Australia and USA return India’s stolen artefacts worth millions of dollars.

Connected to India caught up with the man on a mission, Anuraag Saxena to know more about his India Pride Project & how NRI community is contributing to bringing back India’s heritage home.