India moves up five spots to rank 80th in ‘world’s most powerful passport’ list

India has moved up five spots to touch 80th position in the latest ranking published by Henley Passport Index.

Indian passport holders can now visit 57 countries without a visa.

India climbs up five spots in Henley Passport Index. Photo courtesy: Pixabay

India currently ranks equally with nations like Togo and Senegal.

Indian passport holders enjoy visa-free access and visa-on-arrival access to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Rwanda, Jamaica, and Sri Lanka.   

However, they need a visa to enter nations like  China, Japan, Russia, the United States, and European Union Countries. Currently, the Singaporean passport remains the most powerful in the world.

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Japan currently stands in the third spot while Germany remains the second most powerful nation in the world according to the index.

The US stands in the eighth position on the list. India's immediate neighbour Pakistan stands in the 100th position in the list. Afghanistan stands at the bottom of the list.