India is going to become a global economic powerhouse: Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday assured that India will become a "global economic powerhouse", while addressing the 20th year of 'Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit'.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo courtesy: Twitter/@BJP4Gujarat

Highlighting the country's growth in the economic sector, Modi said, "Today India is the fastest growing economy in the world. Now we are standing at a turning point where India is going to become a Global Economic Powerhouse.

"In a few years, India will be one of the top 3 economies of the world, this is Modi's guarantee."

The 'Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit' was started in 2003 by Modi, who was the state's Chief Minister back then.

Taking a dig at the then central government run by Congress, Modi said, "Today the world is seeing the success of Vibrant Gujarat. But Vibrant Gujarat was organised in such an environment when the then central government showed indifference towards the development of Gujarat.

"Foreign investors were threatened not to go to Gujarat, even after so many threats, foreign investors came to Gujarat. This summit was also organized during the global recession in 2009."

Modi, who served as the Gujarat Chief Minister for three terms until becoming Prime Minister in 2014, called the summit "the bond which is linked" to him.

"20 years ago I had said that Vibrant Gujarat is not just an event of branding but of bonding. For the world this successful summit may be a brand, but for me it is a symbol of a strong bond," the Prime Minister said and added, "This is the bond which is linked to me and the 7 crore citizens of Gujarat and their capabilities."

Since 2003, the Vibrant Gujarat Business Summit slowly emerged as one of the leading business events in the country.