India crowned the most attractive nation, followed by USA and Sweden

Yes, there is such a thing. A survey finds out which is the most attractive nation in the world. At first, we scoffed and then we thought why to complain if India has topped the ranking of most attractive people in the world.

Swimwear brand Pour Moi analysed Reddit posts to reveal, which nationalities were described as being the most attractive and then used AI to re-create what some of the most "lusted-after" nationalities could look like.

Whether it’s dashing good looks, distinctive style, or a super sexy accent, there are several factors that get you feeling a little hot under the collar. To find out which nationalities the world finds the most appealing, swimwear brand Pour Moi analysed 1000s of Reddit posts about attractive nations to discover the most popular.

Indians were crowned as the most attractive nationality globally, home to winners of multiple Ms. World and Ms. Universe titles, and Bollywood actors it's easy to see why India stands out.

The research also used AI to imagine what these people could look like. You can see some of the results below. Funnily the AI-generated Indian man has an uncanny resemblance to the Greek God of Indian origin Hrithik Roshan. Ironically the Indian woman has a tear drop tricking down her cheeks. Hmmm…what is the AI trying to tell us here.

In second place is the USA, a country that's produced some of the most famous sports, film, and TV stars around the world. Rounding off the top three is Sweden, with their effortless minimal style no doubt appealing to lots of people. 

Swedes and Japanese people are the third and fourth most attractive, both are famed for their stylish minimalism and iconic street style which might play a part in why the world finds them so alluring.  

Rounding off the top five are Canadians, with an outdoorsy nature and a more laid-back style they’re also known for being a friendly nation, which perhaps people around the world find attractive in a person.