IMDA pre-approves 50 tech solutions to raise SMEs’ digital readiness

Fifty digital solutions for small medium enterprises (SMEs) were recognized in Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)’s SMEs Go Digital Programme, increasing SMEs’ access to new technology.

These solutions are now pre-approved for SMEs to choose from, providing reliable and proven tech and services, IMDA said in a press statement on May 11, 2017. SMEs Go Digital programme was launched in April 2017, to provide an all-rounded support to help SMEs. 

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The pre-approval process for the proven digital tech solutions aims to raise SMEs’ digital readiness. The criteria centres on functionalities that meet SMEs’ requirements, solutions’ ease of use, pricing affordability and ICM suppliers’ capability and capacity.

Moving forward, digital capabilities such as cybersecurity, data protection, data analytics and inter-operability will be considered in pre-approved solutions. This will better enable SMEs to thrive in the digital economy.

“We believe every business needs to be a digital business to remain relevant and thrive in the future economy," said Tan Kiat How, Chief Executive, IMDA. "These pre-approved solutions were identified with the help of relevant government agencies, and have been tried and tested by pilot SME users. We encourage SMEs to make full use of these digital solutions in their digitalization efforts.” 

ICM suppliers who are keen to have their digital solutions pre-approved under the SMEs Go Programme can visit: for more details.

For SMEs who are keen to adopt digital solutions, please contact the nearest SME Centres.

For SMEs that require solutions beyond these pre-approved solutions, a SME Digital Tech Hub will be set up towards the later part of the year to provide them with more tailored advice.