iFAMS launched for speedy justice in family matters

With the launch of integrated Family Application Management System (iFAMS) in Singapore, the process of people seeking justice in family matters at the Family Justice Court (FJC) would be eased.

Now, the court users seeking protection and maintenance orders can prepare their application forms using templates available online, and submit them at the court or at authorised agencies. Before this, applicants could only fill in the forms at the court.

Court users can also make changes to court dates and submit documents relevant to their cases online.

iFAMS has been launched in Singapore for providing speedy justice in family matters.
iFAMS has been launched in Singapore for providing speedy justice in family matters. Photo courtesy: familyjusticecourt.gov.sg

During the official launch of iFAMS today, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, said, “The IT system would streamline and simplify processes for family violence and maintenance applications. There were 2,811 applications for personal protection orders and 1,434 applications for maintenance orders last year, as compared to 2,885 and 1,504 respectively in the preceding year.”

iFAMS has several features which cover electronic case filing, workflow routing and the generation of electronic letters and court orders.

Applicants seeking protection and maintenance orders can process their applications at six community touch-points such as family violence specialist centres PAVE and TRANS SAFE Centre, as well as in court.

Chief Justice CJ Menon said, “More community touch-points will be added in the coming year, so that applicants may apply in a familiar setting where they will also be able to receive other assistance relevant to their specific needs. We believe that enabling them to do so within their community would alleviate some of the anxiety associated with engaging in litigation.”

A duty judge would evaluate the applications at the point of submission, and decide whether or not to issue a summons on the spot.

Family Justice Court deals with cases relating to divorce and ancillary matters, family violence, maintenance, adoption and guardianship, youth court, mental capacity and probate and succession.