IDF claims Hamas using mosque in Gaza city for storing weapons, releases video

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has released a video and claimed that members of the militant organisation Hamas are using a mosque in Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighbourhood for storing weapons.

Visual of the mosque in Gaza that Hamas is allegedly using for storing weapons. Photo Courtesy: Video grab of IDF X page

IDF said the mosque was also used by the group as a laboratory for Hamas’ rockets.

IDF tweeted: “Finding dozens of mortars, warhead missiles, thermobaric weapons, RPGs and a tunnel shaft.”

“What was once a place of worship is now a home for terrorism,” IDF said.

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari was quoted as saying by The Times of Israel: “Troops enter the mosque, carry out scans, and make sure there are no traps. They head inside this mosque and find a tunnel shaft… and a staircase.”

“Terrorists manufacturing rockets in a mosque. Using Islam and the symbols of Islam to create terror,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Israeli cabinet has approved an agreement to secure the release of 50 hostages who were kidnapped during the October 7 attacks by Hamas.

Despite expressing opposition to the agreement earlier, the far-right Religious Zionism party voted in favour, with only members of National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir’s ultranationalist Otzma Yehudit faction voting against, according to Hebrew media as quoted by The Times of Israel.

An Israeli government official briefing reporters on Tuesday was quoted as saying by the news portal that the deal is expected to see the release of 50 living Israeli citizens, mostly women and children, in groups of 12-13 people per day.

Israel has agreed to a ceasefire for at least four days.

This is the first time the country has agreed to such an agreement since the October 7 onslaught.

The office of the Israeli PM said in a statement as quoted by BBC: “Tonight, the government has approved the outline of the first stage of achieving this goal, according to which at least 50 hostages – women and children – will be released over four days, during which a pause in the fighting will be held.”

“The government of Israel, the IDF [Israeli military] and the security services will continue the war in order to return home all of the hostages, complete the elimination of Hamas and ensure that there will be no new threat to the State of Israel from Gaza,” the statement said.

A “tragic…entirely avoidable surge” in child deaths is expected in Gaza where some 160 youngsters are already being killed every day, UN humanitarians warned on Tuesday, after six weeks of aerial bombardment by Israeli forces in response to the 7 October Hamas terror attacks on southern Israel that claimed 1,200 lives and some 240 hostages.