Hyperloop : Zooming between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 15 mins

Hyperloop: The new technology that will reduce transit time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to only 15 minutes.

In its continuous tryst to adopt the latest technologies, UAE is planning to connect Dubai with Abu Dhabi in less than 15 minutes that will drastically reduce the travel time between the two cities. It is switching to Hyperloop which is a radical new mass transit system able to carry passengers at speeds faster than even some airliners.

The system will revolutionize the way people travel, allowing UAE passengers to traverse a 150-kilometre distance in a matter of minutes through air-cushioned pods speeding through a semi-vacuumed tube.

Passengers will travel in air cushioned pods through a semi-vacuumed tube.

According to the plan, different points of Dubai will be connected to Abu Dhabi including  Dubai Airport, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Al Maktoum Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport and the centre of Abu Dhabi (with offshoots to the major ports too).

“We are in a new time now where you can develop a new transportation system in very few years and change the world,” said Jacob Lange, partner of BIG, the team working on the design of the project.

The Hyperloop would be a bunch of small pods (rather than one large train) and would be on demand, leaving when you want to leave, and going directly to your chosen station.

Map of the proposed route

The idea of hypersonic travel or otherwise popularly known as Hyperloop is the vision of entrepreneur Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, Paypal and space exploration company SpaceX.

He first unveiled the concept for a Hyperloop in 2013. Musk later open-sourced the technology and is no longer directly involved in its development.

Hyperloop One is one of a number of companies racing to build Hyperloop. It appointed BIG alongside architecture and engineering firms AECOM and Arup to convert the technology into infrastructure.

The capsules would be climate-controlled, and travel inside a reinforced tube so the system can operate in any weather.

But would it be safe?  Unlike train and air travel, there's no chance for human error with the Hyperloop because it would be a closed system completely managed by computer.

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