How a lack of reference helped Aakash Gupta shape his career in stand-up comedy

Boasting a subscriber base of over four million on YouTube, Aakash Gupta’s videos regularly crosses the million views mark on the platform. Aakash, one of India’s most sought-after standup comics, confessed to liking many renowned comedians across the globe, but has never been influenced by anyone. He said the lack of reference while growing up helped shape his career a great deal.

Aakash Gupta will bring his Brand New Show to Singapore on March 8. Photo courtesy: Aakash Gupta/Instagram
Aakash Gupta. Photo courtesy: Aakash Gupta/Instagram

Aakash Gupta is currently touring New Zealand with his special, The Brand New Show, which will make its way to Singapore. If you happen to be in the country, head to The Victoria Theatre on March 8. The show will start at 8 PM. A fortnight before his new special, Gupta spoke exclusively to Connected to India’s CEO Himanshu Verma about his upcoming show and how he got started in comedy.

Before raking up millions of views across social media platforms, Aakash had a corporate job. While it may sound cliche, what sets his journey apart is his willingness to be a corporate employee.

However, after a few years, the switch came in 2017, when admittedly two of his videos raked in ‘decent’ numbers on YouTube.

During the chat, he also confessed to struggling with show names. The Brand New Show was a result of his ‘inability’ to come up with a proper name.

This will be Gupta’s second comedy tour in Singapore. The 90-minute special will be presented by LA Comedy Live, which had collaborated with him during the previous show, Excuse Me Brother, in 2022. Tickets for the special start from SGD 88.

To listen to the entire conversation, check the video below.