The United Kingdom 2019 elections might have seen the Conservatives gain a record majority, but they are in a photo finish with the Labour Party when it comes to the number of Indian-origin Members of Parliament (MPs).

UK polls: Tories hammer Labour to get largest majority in 33 years

With results in for almost all constituencies across the United Kingdom (641 out of 650 seats), it is clear that Boris Johnson will return to Downing Street with a massive majority after the Conservatives swept aside Labour in its traditional heartlands.

UK election: Pre-poll survey gives Johnson lead but hung Parliament still a possibility

With a total of 3,322 candidates standing across 650 seats in the House of Commons, this election is expected to throw up the most diverse Parliament ever.

Reactions to pro-Johnson Hindi campaign song range from amused to outraged

In line with the 2015 and 2017 elections in the United Kingdom, a Hindi music video urging people to vote for Conservatives and Boris Johnson with images of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone viral.

British-Indian Labour candidates unfazed by perceived shift in Indian-origin voting trend

With Hindi ads, more Tory tickets going to Indian-origin candidates and a pro-Brexit trend among the British Hindu community, the United Kingdom’s Labour Party will see its traditional British-Indian voter base divided in the upcoming election, claim poll experts.

British-Indian Tory candidates speak on Brexit, London Bridge attack during campaign

With less than 10 days to go, the fog surrounding the United Kingdom’s elections shows no signs of dissipating with the Conservatives, Labour and other parties locked in their struggle to capture the hearts and minds of the voters.

Indian-origin Tamkeen Shaikh chosen as Tory candidate for Barking

Ahmedabad-born Tamkeen Shaikh has been selected as the Conservative Party candidate for the Barking constituency in the December 12 United Kingdom elections as part of the Tories’ continuing efforts to secure the Indian-origin vote.

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