Colorado SC removes ex-POTUS Donald Trump from 2024 ballot

Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that former US President Donald Trump cannot run for the presidential poll next year in the state. The court cited a ‘constitutional insurrection’ clause while giving the order. In a landmark decision, the court ruled 4-3 that Trump is not an eligible candidate, reported BBC. Interestingly, it is the first […]

Writer E Jean Carroll wins USD 5 million in defamation case; Trump slams verdict

A federal jury in New York City found that former United States President Donald Trump sexually abused advice columnist E Jean Carroll and awarded more than USD 2 million in damages and an additional USD 3 million in damages for defamation.

We take care of our air; India, China, Russia don’t, says US President Trump

Defending his withdrawal from the international Paris Climate Accords, US President Donald Trump has alleged that India, China and Russia do not take care of their air, while America does.

February tentatively fixed for Donald Trump’s visit to India: Reports

Diplomatic channels between both nations are in contact to organise the visit of US President Donald Trump to India on an open invitation extended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After China and the EU, India the next target for Trump’s War on Trade

US President Donald Trump has announced plans to scrap preferential trade treatment for India, claiming that New Delhi has failed to assure the US of “equitable and reasonable” access to its markets.

Canadian Sikh politician Jagmeet Singh may give PM Trudeau stiff competition in 2019

Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh, who aims to become the first person from an ethnic minority to lead a major political party in Canada, could become a major threat to the nation’s Prime Minister Trudeau in an election set for 2019.

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