Hamas warns it will begin executing Israeli hostages in response to strikes

The Hamas group members have warned it will execute hostages in response to Israeli strikes in Gaza.

Building collapses into the street in Gaza. Photo Courtesy: UNRWA/Mohammed Hinnawi

The announcement was made by Hamas spokesperson Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades as has been quoted as saying by Gaza’s Shehab news outlet, reported The Times of Israel.

After two days of rocket strikes, the Israeli army Monday said it has regained control of southern areas near the Gaza Strip which was taken over by Hamas on Saturday.

"We are in control of the communities," military spokesman Daniel Hagari told the media.

However, he cautioned that individual Hamas troops may remain in the region.

Israel's military said that it eliminated gunmen who infiltrated from Lebanon.

Over the last three days, the toll has surpassed 1300 with Israel alone counting more than 800 dead. Palestinian officials claimed that Israel's barrage of air strikes on Gaza has taken the toll there to 560. The US has confirmed that nine of its citizens have died in the strikes.

Meanwhile, more than 1,23,000 Palestinians have been forced to flee their homes in the Gaza Strip.