Hamas attack on Israel: Hamas is ‘more barbaric, more brutal’ than ISIS, says Israel military; vows to ‘respond with force’

A new video has been released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in which the national military’s spokesperson said that Hamas was “more barbaric and more brutal than ISIS”. He also vowed that “Israel will respond with determination and force to their unprovoked war crimes”.

Hamas behaves like ISIS by aiming to “maximise civilian casualties”, says the IDF spokesperson. Photo courtesy: X/@IDF

He was referring to the Islamic State, the breakaway faction of the Afghan terrorist group Taliban. Before it went into a decline, ISIS had formed, along with the original Taliban and Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda, the troika of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East — and even the wider world, as the unforgettable 9/11 events showed — though each group had its own gripe with the others.

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The IDF spokesperson said that Israeli intelligence indicated that Hamas operatives were hiding among Palestinian civilians in Gaza, inside homes, schools, hospitals, and mosques; but Israel would destroy them, no matter where they hide.

“Hamas behaves like ISIS,” he said. “It’s the same strategy — to maximise civilian casualties in Gaza, in Israel, and make you all forget the massacre of hundreds of Israelis that started this war in the first place. We will not forget.”

He said that the Israeli air force was “attacking hundreds of Islamic jihad targets in Gaza”. Israel, which was under attack, followed international law while exercising its right to protect its own citizens, said the spokesperson.