Google to prepare next generation of digital leaders in Singapore

To prepare the next generation of digital leaders in Singapore, US tech giant Google has decided to train about 1000 Singaporeans by 2019.

In this connection, Google has partnered with global training provider AVADO, SPRING Singapore and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and they will launch a digital leadership and marketing programme to help SME leaders to augment their skills in view of the future challenges.

Google will train about 1000 Singaporean leaders by 2019.
Google will train about 1000 Singaporean leaders by 2019. Photo courtesy: sedthavut pilarit

Making this announcement, Google said, “The programme, called Squared Online for SMEs, aims to equip businesses with the knowledge and skills to boost their in-house digital marketing capabilities. The programme also shows businesses how to reach global consumers using online resources, and includes classes in topics such as search engine marketing and analytics.

Ghislain Le Chatelier, Google’s regional director for South East Asia, Global Marketing Solutions, said, “We know that SMEs have limited resources and that they’re looking for help to grow. Getting digital and mobile right is the key to future success. By offering a dedicated digital marketing programme for SME leaders, we hope to help them export using the web, grow their customer base and thrive in an increasingly mobile-first world.”