Google lays off staff from Flutter, Dart and Python teams: Reports 

Google lays off staff
Google lays off staff from key teams Photo Courtesy: Unsplash 

IT giant Google has laid off employees across several segments, including teams from Flutter, Dart, Python and others, media reports said.

Google confirmed the layoffs to TechCrunch, but not the specific teams, roles or how many people were let go.

“As we’ve said, we’re responsibly investing in our company’s biggest priorities and the significant opportunities ahead,” said Google spokesperson Alex García-Kummert.

“To best position us for these opportunities, throughout the second half of 2023 and into 2024, a number of our teams made changes to become more efficient and work better, remove layers, and align their resources to their biggest product priorities. Through this, we’re simplifying our structures to give employees more opportunity to work on our most innovative and important advances and our biggest company priorities, while reducing bureaucracy and layers,” he added.

The company clarified to TechCrunch that the layoffs were not company-wide but were reorgs that are part of the normal course of business.

Google PM Kevin Moore wrote on X: “Hey folks! Kevin, product manager on Flutter and Dart here. The layoffs were decided AT LEAST a couple of layers above our team and affected a LOT of teams. (I think I can say that). Lots of good folks got bad news and lots of great projects lost people.”

Google also told TechCrunch that Flutter will have new updates to share at I/O this year.

In the first four months of 2024, Google has laid off hundreds of employees.

Twelve thousand employees were asked by the tech giant to leave the company in 2023.