Girl puts on 5.5kg clothes to escape airport baggage fee; gets slapped with a fine

Nearly collapsing with laughter at her own antics, a teenager named Adriana Ocampo began putting on most of the clothes in her suitcase before boarding her flight from Melbourne to Adelaide, Australia. Reason: her suitcase weight was over the limit and she wanted to escape paying the excess baggage fee.

By the time she was done, Ocampo looked quite indescribable — a slim girl inflated to the size of a balloon — and the airline didn’t fall for her trick. She was made to pay AUD65 as a fine.

Adriana Ocampo in her ‘airport look’. Photo courtesy: Adriana Ocampo

A video has gone viral, showing Ocampo putting on one garment after another, putting on her headphones, and finally stuffing an iPad down the front of her trousers. This is one airport look that didn’t have the expected effect. In all, she was wearing some 5.5kg of clothes.

The friend she was travelling with also had an excess baggage problem and tried the same ‘put on everything’ hack, but in vain.

Their luggage was still over the limit, and the airline still charged them. Unfortunately for the girls, there was no time to take those clothes off before boarding, so they had to sit on the flight wearing everything!