Gaza crisis: Family members of hostages enter Israeli parliament, demand deal to secure release

A large number of family members of hostages, who are currently held by Hamas members, stormed into the Israeli parliament to demand action to ensure their release.

Family members of Israeli hostages enter Parliament to demand action.
Family members of Israeli hostages storm Parliament to demand action. Photo Courtesy: Attribution 2.5 Generic/Wikiedmia Commons

They entered a Finance Committee meeting in the Knesset in Jerusalem and shouted “you won’t sit here while they are dying there!”, reported Sky News.

One of the family members was quoted as saying by Sky News: “Release them now, now, now!”

On Sunday (January 21, 2024), the family members erected a tent in Jerusalem and vowed to stay there until the government brokered a deal to ensure bringing home the remaining hostages.

Hamas members crossed the border with Israel and attacked nearby regions when it took back 250 hostages along with them.

One-thirty hostages remain in Gaza and several of them were freed after a truce was reached in November.

Several hostages have reportedly died in captivity.

Twenty-one IDF soldiers killed

In one of the deadliest attacks, at least 21 Israeli soldiers were killed when they were attacked in Gaza on Monday (January 22, 2024).

The buildings were being rigged for demolition by troops when Palestinian gunmen fired an RPG at a tank securing the forces, reported The Times of Israel.

A second blast then occurred in the buildings, possibly as a result of a second RPG, leading to their collapse, the news portal reported.

Benjamin Netanyahu mourns death of soldiers

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu posted on X: “I mourn for our fallen heroic soldiers. I hug the families in their time of need and we all pray for the peace of our wounded.”