From a fumbling talent hunt probable to a celebrated host, Oli 968 DJ Ravi G gets candid in a freewheeling interview

A popular face in Singapore’s radio sphere today, Oli 968 DJ Ravi G almost didn’t make it! Speaking exclusively to Connected to India for its Spotlight column, the Tea Kadai host spilled the beans about his life and his journey in the world of radio.

Ravi G sat with his co-host Sajini for the second Tamil-language episode, where he recalled his audition for the Tamil edition of – So You Wanna Be A DJ – in 2011.

While he admittedly fumbled the selection round, Ravi G eventually went on to win the show and start a career spanning over a decade currently.

When asked about his experiences, the Oli 968 DJ said he was sad after the first audition as it was riddled with errors. “4-5 days passed and I did not get any call and thought to myself ‘Okay la… I just didn’t make it through’,” he said. But it changed with a unexpected phone call.

Ravi G was called and informed about his selection, and he competed, gaining confidence with subsequent rounds and finally earning the top spot. The duo are hosts of the MediaCorp Oli 968 programme – Tea Kadai. The show takes place on the weekdays from 4pm-8pm.

Watch the interview to know more about this dynamic Radio DJ and his experiences over the years.