Free public art walking tours by National Arts Council on every last Sunday of the month

You might have noticed various sculptures and artworks dotting the downtown area – have you ever wondered what the work was about or who the artist was?

The Public Art Trust, which is a National Arts Council initiative designed to bring public art closer to Singaporeans, is organising a series of free guided public art walking tours.

The tours will take participants through the Civic District and Central Business District to explore some of the prominent public artworks installed across the city. This is part of the Public Art Trust's mission to promote visual literacy and champion exciting new public artworks.

24 Hours in Singapore public art installation. Photo courtesy: NAC
24 Hours in Singapore public art installation. Photo courtesy: NAC

Featured artworks include those by international household names like Anish Kapoor and Olafur Eliasson, as well as Singapore's own stellar Cultural Medallion award winners like Han Sai Por and Chong Fah Cheong.

Up to 30 participants a month are being taken on hour-long guided tours around the civic and central business districts to view public art. 

The tours span three concurrent routes, and are about an hour long. 

The Public Art Walking Tour is being held on the last Sunday of the month until next March.

Interested participants can choose from three trails to explore:
1) Art in the Civic District: The Must-see Public Art Downtown (approx. 60min)
2) Form, Shape, Colour & Line: Abstraction in Public Art (approx. 60min)
3) Made in Singapore: Public Art by Singapore Artists (approx. 60min)