Four Leaves suspends sausage products after maggots video

Bakery chain Four Leaves has suspended the sale of all products containing sausages at all its outlets. The actions follow a complaint by a customer who found maggots in a sausage bun she bought for her son, Todayonline reported on April 19, 2017.

In a Facebook post earlier this week, customer Ivy Yeo said that she bought the sausage bun from Four Leaves outlet at Hougang Mall. Her eight-year-old son saw that there were maggots crawling around the sausage after he had bit into it. Yeo posted a video showing the maggots moving in the bun, which went viral online.

Photo courtesy: screen capture from FB video
Photo courtesy: screen capture from FB video

Yeo later took her son to see a doctor and he was referred to a hospital. She subsequently took down her post, writing on her Facebook account that online users should not share her posts without permission.

Four Leaves has since apologised for “the unpleasant incident."

“We have been using the same brand of sausage for many years, and this is the first time we have encountered this problem," director Koji Tanabe said in an official statement issued on Tuesday, April 18. The bakery also added that “it is taking a very serious view towards the incident”.

Four Leaves stressed that all buns are made fresh daily, and any unsold buns are donated or thrown away “at the end of the same baking day.”

The National Environmental Agency (NEA) has also conducted inspections on the bakery outlet at Hougang Mall. No hygiene lapses in the handling and preparation of the sausage buns were found. Premises were also well maintained and there were no evidence of pests.

“All the food handlers were also found observing good food and personal hygiene practices,” it said.