Four IDF soldiers die after Hamas members ambush them in Gaza tunnel

Four IDF soldiers killed in Hamas ambush
Four IDF soldiers killed in Hamas ambush in Gaza tunnel. Photo Courtesy: IDF X page

At least four Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed in a Hamas ambush in Gaza’s Khan Younis area on Saturday.

The four were killed Saturday when gunmen came out of a tunnel in a destroyed building and opened fire at troops carrying out a patrol along the IDF’s logistics route in Khan Younis, according to an initial military probe as reported by The Times of Israel.

The operatives reportedly managed to flee from the spot.

Soldiers who tried to pursue the attackers noticed that the escape route was booby-trapped and therefore held back, the news portal reported.

According to reports, a tank came under RPG fire from another cell in the area.

No injury was reported in the incident.

The tank returned fire, killing members of the second cell, according to the IDF’s probe, reported The Times of Israel.

Hamas group is alleged to have dug hundreds of kilometres of tunnels under Gaza as part of its military infrastructure.

IDF withdraws ground troops from south Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces withdrew its manoeuvring ground forces from the Gaza Strip on Sunday, a move made at a time when the conflict between the two groups entered its sixth month.

According to reports, the IDF has kept just one brigade to secure a corridor splitting the Palestinian enclave.

Troops of the 98th Division were pulled out of the Khan Younis area after four straight months of fighting, the IDF said as quoted by The Times of Israel.

The Nahal Brigade, which is currently in the region, has been tasked with securing the so-called Netzarim Corridor, which crosses Gaza from the Be’eri area in southern Israel to the Strip’s coast.

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that his country will continue to stand by Israel’s right to defeat the threat from Hamas

As the conflict entered its sixth month, the British PM issued a statement where he said: “Six months later, Israeli wounds are still unhealed. Families still mourn and hostages are still held by Hamas.”

“We continue to stand by Israel’s right to defeat the threat from Hamas terrorists and defend their security,” he said.

“This terrible conflict must end. The hostages must be released. The aid – which we have been straining every sinew to deliver by land, air and sea – must be flooded in,” he said.

Highlighting the issue of ceasefire, Sunak said, “The children of Gaza need a humanitarian pause immediately, leading to a long-term sustainable ceasefire.”

Gaza and healthcare situation

With the largest hospital in Gaza largely destroyed and out of action, access to healthcare has now become “totally inadequate” following six months of brutal fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants, said the World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday.

That’s the assessment following a WHO-led multi-agency mission to  Al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza on 5 April which examined the extent of destruction following a weeks-long Israeli offensive aimed at rooting out militant forces who were allegedly operating inside.

The highly complex mission was conducted in collaboration with the acting Hospital Director.

Prior to the mission, WHO’s efforts to reach the hospital to evacuate patients and staff and conduct an assessment, were denied, delayed or impeded six times between 25 March and 1 April.

Sunday marked the completion of the sixth month since the conflict between Israel and Hamas started on October 7.

The Hamas attack left 1200 people dead and beginning of the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip which has left around 33,000 people dead.