Former BJP councillor falls off moving car in UAE, dies

An Indian politician hailing from Kerala was killed in a road accident in the city of Sharjah in the UAE. She fell from the car and hit a lamppost as she was reportedly not wearing her seat belt.

Sources informed that 40-year-old Sunitha Prashanth was killed after falling from a moving car on Dhaid Road in Sharjah, hitting her head on a lamppost. The accident has been confirmed by Sharjah Police.

40-year-old Sunitha Prashanth was killed in road accident in Sharjah.
40-year-old Sunitha Prashanth was killed in road accident in Sharjah. Photo courtesy: sites

The deceased hailed from Adukkath Vayal beach area in Kasaragod district of Kerala. She was working as a beautician in a salon in Sharjah for the last five years.

Ganesh Aramanganam, president of Indian People's Forum in Sharjah, said “She was a councillor of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Kasaragod municipality and was a candidate in the Uduma constituency during the state assembly polls in 2011.”

Ganesh said, “Sunitha was staying in an apartment in the same building as the salon, along with other colleagues.”

"On the fateful day, as there was pesticide sprayed in their flat, they were advised to stay away for some three hours. So, the owner of the salon took all the staff in her car on a trip.”

He added, "As they were travelling on Dhaid Road, the car's door opened and Sunitha fell out of the car. Unfortunately, her head hit a lamppost and she died on the spot.”

As the owner of the salon, who was driving the car, looked back to see what happened, the vehicle swerved off the road and crashed into the divider, injuring all others in the car, said Ganesh.

He also informed that the woman owner of the salon has been detained by the police and  Sunitha's body is in the morgue of Dhaid Hospital.

Ganesh also told that Sunitha was very active in Kerala politics and chose to come to the UAE five years ago due to her family's financial issues after she got the job offer through a friend. In Sharjah, she used to attend the meetings of the Indian People's Forum.

She is survived by husband Prashanth and two children.