‘Flower clock’ displays time in Abu Dhabi

In recognition of the efforts of the UAE government to promote happiness, sustainability and the environment, Switzerland has offered a gift of a ‘flower clock’ to the country.

This unique ‘flower clock’ has been made of thousands of natural flowers and is a 25-square-metre artwork. The gift was presented at an exhibition organised at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi.

This 'flower clock’ has been made of thousands of natural flowers.
This ‘flower clock’ has been made of thousands of natural flowers. Photo courtesy: imgrum

People also got the opportunity to see the beautiful and alluring Swiss landscape pictures which have been displayed through large cubes. In addition, a professional ‘Maitre de Chocolat’ creating chocolates was also onsite for guests to sample.

While praising the UAE, Maya Tissafi, Ambassador of Switzerland to the Emirates, said, “For Switzerland, always ranked one of the happiest countries in the world, it is fascinating to observe how much work and resources the UAE has invested in its population’s well-being over the last years. In this regard, it is our sincere hope that this Swiss flower clock gifted to our Emirati partner will contribute to making happiness further flourish in the country!”

Matthias Albrecht, GCC director of Switzerland Tourism, said, “The event is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the natural beauty of Switzerland and its iconic road trip – the Grand Tour of Switzerland.”

He added, “We would like to invite guests from the UAE to experience Switzerland by themselves. We are looking forward to sharing our happiness with them and bring our natural beauty a little closer to the UAE hearts.”

After the exhibition, the flower clock will be re-planted in UAE colours wherever it is suitable for the nation.