Experience 5G at Singtel’s unmanned pop-up retail store

Singtel has switched on 5G connectivity at 5G Now@UNBOXED, its 24/7 unmanned pop-up retail store.

The hyper-connected store gives consumers and retailers alike a first-hand taste of 5G and how it can transform and reimagine the shopping experience, Singtel said in a press statement.   

"What better way to demonstrate this than through our unmanned store now powered by a faster, more reliable network that enables seamless, personalised engagement with customers and new efficiencies for retailers," said Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

Photo courtesy: Singtel
Photo courtesy: Singtel

Singtel’s customers will benefit from a more seamless and swifter service on the pop^up store's connected self-serve kiosks. They will be able to access services such as SIM card replacements, prepaid card purchases, device collection and more while enhancing the store’s security system.

In a statement, Singtel said 5G can also power IoT and artificial intelligence, enabling real-time intelligent connectivity and analytics in-store. This allows communication between UNBOXED's roving smart robot ambassador Stanley and 5G virtual assistant Stella at the kiosks, creating a more personalised shopping experience for customers.

Stanley is also integrated with the store’s security system to detect customers who are running a temperature, as well as ensure customers adhere to safe distancing measures. As a next-generation retail concept, UNBOXED shows how 5G can help retailers better adapt and reach their customers in a post-COVID new normal.

UNBOXED is currently located at Singtel Comcentre and will move to popular venues across the island in the coming year, bringing the Singtel 5G experience to a wider audience.