EXCLUSIVE: Joy Bhattacharjya flaunts his myriad hats as he discusses IPL, T20 Cricket World Cup, Shah Rukh Khan and the importance of quizzing

Joy Bhattacharjya wears multiple hats and juggles them quite effortlessly. He has been at the forefront of sporting revolution in India, overseeing many of these changes in various capacities. Joy, who is currently a part of an expert panel on popular cricket app Cricbuzz, is also an avid quizzer. His quest for knowledge has its roots in his school going years.

Joy, the former Head of Production of ESPN Star Sports, recently sat down with Connected to India for a freewheeling chat which comprised his various works, his opinion of issues pertaining to cricket, his love for quizzes and knowledge and working alongside Shah Rukh Khan, Sourav Ganguly and Gautam Gambhir.

About quizzes, Joy spoke about his passion for knowledge and why one should take part in quizzes. He also opened up about hosting Mind Amaze, a quiz program in Singapore, and his long association with the city-state. Joy also highlighted the need for a school quiz in Singapore, to further enhance Singaporean students’ quest for knowledge.

Asked to state one quality about the aforementioned three, Joy says Shah Rukh Khan has always stayed away from micromanaging KKR. He says this trait has helped the team grow and become cash-positive since the start even when other franchises struggled with finances.

He says Sourav Ganguly missed the T20 wave in the country, as by the time the IPL arrived, Dada was on the verge of retirement. He lauded the Price of Kolkata for his determination and astute cricket brain.

The ex-KKR team director was all praise for former captain Gautam Gambhir, who helped the team lift the trophy twice, in 2012 and 2014, as skipper, and in 2024 as the mentor.

Responding to reports about Gambhir taking over the mantle of the head coach of the national men’s team from Rahul Dravid, Joy says, “I think he’s taking over in a good time.” He hailed GG as a team man, who is “willing to take a bullet for his teammate”.

Watch the full interview below.