Elon Musk hits out at Islamist call to establish ‘caliphate’ in Germany during Hamburg rally

Hamburg Rally
Islamists demonstrate in Hamburg. Photo Courtesy: Screengrab of video posted on X by Muslim Interaktiv

Billionaire and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk on Sunday protested against alleged demands of establishing ‘an Islamic caliphate’ in Germany by participants of an anti-Islamophobia rally in Hamburg as ‘illegal’.

Sharing a clip of the rally on his X handle, Musk wrote: “Surely demanding overthrow of the government in Germany is illegal?”

According to reports, around 1,100 people participated in the rally against Islamophobia on Saturday (April 27, 2024).

According to the authorities, the event was organised by a person linked to an ‘established extremist group’, reported RT.com.

Videos and photos of the event which went viral on social media showed participants occupying a significant part of Steindamm Street.

According to reports, the demonstrators were seen holding placards and posters reading: “Germany = dictatorship of values,” “Caliphate is the solution,” and “Palestine has won the information war”.

The demonstrators also chanted “Allahu Akbar” slogan during the event.  

People on social media also claimed that the speakers called for an Islamic caliphate to be established in Germany, reported RT.com.

The organiser of the rally was identified by the Hamburger Morgenpost as Joe Adade Boateng, 25, a German citizen and self-styled imam who spreads what the paper described as “Islamist propaganda” on social media, including TikTok.

He is reportedly a member of the Muslim Interaktiv, a body that has been designated by the domestic security service (BfV) as an “established extremist group”.

Mentioning the rally, the group earlier posted on X: “Its goal is to demonize all Islamic life in Germany. Show up in large numbers and invite all your friends, relatives and acquaintances!”