Elon Musk finds #StayWoke T-shirts, changes them to…

Twitter supremo Elon Musk, who has recently been extremely active on the social media platform, recently said he found a closet full of "#StayWoke" T-shirts at the company's headquarters which inspired him to come up with a new T-shirt design.

The Tesla and Space X founder tweeted a photo of a black t-shirt with "#Stay@Work" printed on it. 

"Awesome new Twitter merch!" Musk tweeted along with the photo. 

Yesterday, Musk tweeted a video claiming to have found a closet at Twitter's San Francisco office containing "#StayWoke" t-shirts. In the video, a person can be seen holding a black t-shirt with "#StayWoke" printed on it. As the camera pans, we see a number of similar black and blue t-shirts kept in compartments of a closet. In the background, a person can be heard saying, "Here we are at the merch thing and there is an entire closet of hashtag woke."

After taking over Twitter, Musk has reportedly introduced a no-holds-barred work ethic, setting up a bitter "culture clash" with thousands of workers.

Musk has sacked half of Twitter's 7,500 employees, axed executives and engineers who disagreed with him and finally imposed an ultimatum: work "extremely hardcore" or leave.