Electric vehicle charging points rolled out in 19 locations

Utilities provider SP Group has rolled out 19 new charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) in Singapore. 

EV users can fully charge their vehicles within half an hour with these 19 50kW direct current (DC) charging points, Todayonline said in a report. 

The rollout is part of utilities provider SP Group’s first wave of 38 public charging points located at commercial buildings, industrial areas, and Singapore Polytechnic. 

This network of charging points will “encourage wider adoption of green mobility in Singapore, and enable drivers to save cost”, said Mr Wong Kim Yin, group chief executive officer of SP Group.

Photo courtesy: Wiki
Photo courtesy: Wiki

The remaining 19 are 43kW alternating current (AC) charging points, said SP Group in a statement on Wednesday (Jan 9). While a DC charger takes 30 minutes to fully charge a car, an AC point can take up to an hour. 

The new charging points have been installed near amenities such as food centres. This will make it convenient for drivers who are waiting for their vehicles to be charged, SP Group said. The charging point at Singapore Polytechnic will serve as an education and research platform for the school’s engineering curriculum.

The cost will be regularly adjusted based on prevailing electricity costs. 

The company  added that EV users can use the SP Utilities mobile application to search for the nearest available charging points. The app also provides updates on their charging sessions and make payment.