Ecuadorian social media influencer killed after her Instagram post reveals her location to attackers

Landy Parraga Goyburo
Landy Parraga Goyburo killed in Ecuador. Photo Courtesy: Landy Parraga Goyburo Instagram page

An Instagram post by a social media influencer in Equador was enough to get her killed.

The deceased woman was identified as Landy Parraga Goyburo.

She had participated in the 2022 Miss Ecuador contest.

A popular social media influencer, Landy Parraga Goyburo had posted picture of her “octopus ceviche” which she was eating when attackers reportedly followed it to kill her.

The murder reportedly occurred at a restaurant in Quevedo city on April 28.

She was reportedly visiting the city for a wedding.

The video of the assailants gunning her down has gone viral.

Parraga, who had more than a million followers on her social media accounts and was known for her own sportswear line, made headlines last December when her name was mentioned in a chat between slain drug trafficker Leandro Norero and his accountant, Helive Angulo, reported New York Post.

During Angulo’s trial, prosecutors revealed that Norero had begged Angulo in a 2022 message to help keep his connection with the beauty queen hidden after the accountant said police asked him about the relationship, according to Ecuavisa, the newspaper reported.

Leandro Norero died in a prison riot over a year ago.

While Parraga’s finances were under investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, she was never prosecuted for a crime and had never made any public comments on the case or her connection with Norero and his organisation, as per the news outlet.

The incident is currently under investigation.