E-MBA programmes in Singapore: Give wings to your career

Singapore is the place where students, entrepreneurs and working professionals from different parts of the world converge for top-quality education. An E-MBA programme has emerged as the latest craze among the working people to give wings to their careers as they can pursue the course with the flexibility of working at the same time. Many Indians too are attracted towards this phenomenon.

Asian campus of INSEAD located at Singapore
Asian campus of INSEAD located at Singapore. Photo courtesy: INSEAD

INSEAD, one of the world’s topmost business schools, Nanyang Business School of Nanyang Technological University, NUS Business School of National University of Singapore, Lee Kong Chian School of Business coming under Singapore Management University, Anderson School of Management of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Aalto University School of Business, SP Jain School of Global Management and several others offer this course.Nanyang Business School of Nanyang Technological University, NUS Business School of National University of Singapore, Lee Kong Chian School of Business coming under Singapore Management University, Anderson School of Management of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Aalto University School of Business, SP Jain School of Global Management and several others offer this course.


Emphasising the importance of Executive MBA programme, Steven Burton, Managing Director of Executive Degrees at INSEAD, said, “For executives, taking on an Executive MBA programme is a source of having new perspectives, renewed inspiration and a real life-changing experience. It helps them to develop core skills that will improve their management style without having to take a hiatus in their careers.”

Speaking about the trends in the E-MBA programme for the past five years, he said, “We see the trend of executives wanting a more holistic and engaging, as well as a more meaningful personal growth journey in their EMBA pursuit.”
Campuses: Europe,  Asia,  Abu Dhabi
Asia Office: 1 Ayer Rajah Avenue 138676 Singapore
Tel : +65 6799 5388
Fax: +65 6799 5399
Website: www.insead.edu

Financial Times ranked the INSEAD Global EMBA as the highest single-school EMBA in the world. INSEAD’s Global Executive MBA programme (GEMBA) takes place in fully integrated campuses across three regions: Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). GEMBA offers experienced executives an intensive 14 to 17- month fast-track to the top.

Steven Burton, INSEAD.
Steven Burton, INSEAD. Photo courtesy: linkedin

In the latest Financial Times’ Executive MBA Ranking 2016, the INSEAD Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) has moved up three places from 7th to 4th, and is the highest ranked single school EMBA programme.  The Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA) is also ranked in 2nd place.

Speaking about the uniqueness of the GEMBA programme offered by the institute, Steven Burton, said “Our Executive MBA programmes offer a real-time transformative experience to help develop exceptional leaders who can deliver real value to their organisations and communities. Our programmes typically have an unparalleled diversity of nationalities which is a powerful learning tool for participants.”

2) Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University
50 Nanyang Avenue Singapore 639798
Tel: (65) 67911744
Fax: (65) 6791-1604
Website : www.ntu.edu.sg

Nanyang Executive MBA
Financial Times has given 18th rank to the E-MBA programme offered by Nanyang Business School. It is a 14-month Nanyang Business School. It is a 14-month programme that delivers a compelling breadth and depth of content by combining a solid general management foundation with frontline expertise on diverse industry tracks.

Nanyang Technological University. Photo courtesy: NTU

Participants gain international exposure through overseas modules that span at least two continents depending on the track they choose, and benefit from a uniquely Asian curriculum that interweaves Eastern and Western business principles.

The E-MBA programme attracts participants from Asia, Europe, Africa, US and the Middle East who boast a proven track record in senior management positions and reflect myriad backgrounds, sectors and nationalities. For more details, log on to www.nanyangemba.ntu.edu.sg

3) NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
Address :
Mochtar Riady Building
Level 4,  15 Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119245
Tel: (65) 65162068
Website: www.bschool.nus.edu.sg

NUS Business School.
NUS Business School. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia


This business school has earned a sound reputation for combining the strengths of Western schools of thought and practices with uniquely Asian perspectives. The programmes offered by the institute enable participants to leverage the best of global knowledge and Asian insights to help propel their businesses to succeed in Asia and beyond.

This course has been consistently ranked among the top business schools in Asia. The E-MBA programmes have been ranked 14th in the world by Financial Times in 2017.

The business school runs two programmes – NUS Asia-Pacific Executive MBA and UCLA – NUS MBA programme in association with University of California, Los Angeles.

The NUS Asia-Pacific Executive MBA programme features six two-week residential modules in Singapore and overseas.
Courses are taught in English. The UCLA Programme consists of six two-week segments spread over a 15-month period. Courses are taught in English. Singapore (2 modules), Los Angeles (2 modules), Shanghai (1 module), Bangalore and New Delhi (1 module)

When asked about the speciality about the UCLA-NUS executive MBA programm, Elise Anderson, director of media relations, said, “There are several important factors that differentiate the UCLA-NUS Executive MBA programme from other executive MBA programmes. It provides two MBA degrees, one from UCLA Anderson School of Management and one from National University of Singapore Business School (NUS.) This is not a joint, single MBA certification, which is offered by most other internationally-based Executive MBA programs that have a US university partner. Second, our programme has a unique geographic footprint. Students meet for classes in six different locations during a 15-month period. Faculty from both UCLA and NUS actually travel to meet the students in these locations.Third, our programme has a unique format.  Students meet once every three months for a two-week period and continue working between these sessions, largely in collaborative groups. Fourth, the students in our programme represent a real blend of executives worldwide, coming primarily from the US and Singapore as well as India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, various European and South American countries, the Middle East, and Africa.”

4) Singapore Management University
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University
50 Stamford Road Singapore 178899
Tel: +65 6828 0398
Fax:  +65 6828 0651
Website: www.business.smu.edu.sg

SMU Executive MBA
This programme consists of nine residential modules which is held in four countries: Wharton Business School in USA, Indian School of Business in India, Peking University in China and SMU in Singapore

Singapore Management University.
Singapore Management University. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

Courses are taught in English. The course is nine weeks long spread over 12 months.

In addition to spending about six weeks at SMU in Singapore, the participants will spend a week each at The Wharton School in Philadelphia and The Washington Campus in Washington (USA), the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad (India) and the Peking University in Beijing (China)

The EMBA programme has been attracting senior leaders from across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, with nearly six in 10 students of each cohort being C-suite executives with an average of 20 years of corporate experience from a wide variety of geographies, industries and roles, participant’s learning experience will encompass vibrant interactions and robust discussions.

Based on research contributions over the period 2012 to 2015, Lee Kong Chian School of Business was ranked 4th in Asia and 49th globally in the University of Texas at Dallas Top 100 Worldwide Business School Research Rankings

5) SP Jain School of Global Management
Singapore,  Sydney,  Dubai,  Mumbai
Singapore Campus
Address: 10 Hyderabad Road
Hort Park, off Alexander Road
Singapore, 119579

Executive MBA in Singapore
The specialty of the EMBA programme is that students participate in a number of advanced multimedia simulations that teach them to make smart, winning decisions. These simulation exercises, undertaken in our state-of-the-art Simulation Centres, are unique in that they bring students face-to-face with real-time business challenges and allow them to practice and sharpen their real-world and decision-making skills in the most innovative way, and in a risk-free environment.

 SP Jain School of Global Management in Singapore
Campus of SP Jain School of Global Management in Singapore. Photo courtesy: SP Jain

The EMBA curriculum includes a unique Problems at Work methodology (PAW), the objective of which is to allow students to bring actual work-related issues to class, discuss with peers and develop innovative solutions.

A unique feature of the EMBA programme is the Applied Business Research Project undertaken by students within the context of their own organisations.

6) Aalto Executive Education Academy
25 North Bridge Road,
EFG Bank Building, Unit 02-01
Singapore 179104
Website: www.aaltoee.sg

Executive MBA programme
Flexible weekend schedule – modules held approximately once a month (Fri 3pm–9:30pm, Sat–Sun 8:30am–6:30pm).

Aalto Executive Education Academy is Singapore-based subsidiary of Aalto University.
Aalto Executive Education Academy is Singapore-based subsidiary of Aalto University. Photo courtesy: Aalto

Aalto Executive Education Academy is a Singapore-based subsidiary of Aalto University – an innovative multidisciplinary university from Finland. Aalto University is a product of a merger between three leading Finnish universities with a combined history of more than 300 years. Aalto Executive MBA represents high standards of Finnish education and it has been offered in Singapore since 1999. 

Alto Executive MBA (formerly known as Helsinki School of Economics EMBA) is one of the leading Executive MBA programs globally. It holds the 'Triple Crown' of accreditations – and is ranked among the top 100 programs in the world by the Financial Times.

Dr Rinna Viitala
Dr Rinna Viitala. Photo courtesy: linkedin

Dr Rinna Viitala, executive director of Asia Pacific, Aalto Executive Education Pte Ltd said, “There are two main components in the way Aalto Executive MBA differs from other programmes – design and structure. From the design perspective, we try to have a balanced approach towards development of hard and soft business skills."

She added, "From the structure perspective, our modules are delivered during the long weekends (Friday-Sunday) approximately once a month, allowing for minimum interruption from work. This once a month weekend structure encourages participants to develop a certain flow that helps them to consistently push them outside of their comfort zones but does not reach the point when it feels that it is too much to handle.   

7) Rutgers Business School, Asia Pacific
1 Keong Saik Road Level 1, Singapore 089109
Tel:  +65 6805 4005
Website: rutgers.edu.sg

The Rutgers EMBA is the premier choice of business education for the highly motivated professional with aspirations for an accelerated career growth and development.

The EMBA part time programme conducted in Singapore comprises 18 modules. The course content mirrors what is taught in the program in the US while being enhanced with examples and business cases relevant to the Asia Pacific region. There is one intake annually in February each year.