Dyson’s new global HQ is at the historic St James Power Station in Singapore

The new global headquarters of British technology company Dyson will be located at the historic St James Power Station, the company said. 

In January 2019, Dyson had announced that it would move its head office from the UK to Singapore. The movement was completely sometime in May.

Built in 1927, St James Power Station is Singapore’s first coal-fired power plant

St James Power Station in Singapore
St James Power Station in Singapore. Photo courtesy: Wiki

State-of-the-art research laboratories will be installed at the space, enabling the company to double its pool of highly skilled engineers and scientists in the island state over the next five years.

Dyson’s chief executive officer Jim Rowan, said that the St James Power Station – with its historical significance – will be a “most inspiring backdrop” for the company’s employees.

The new headquarters will allow Dyson to double its research and engineering footprint in Singapore, making it the centre of its worldwide expansion. The company said in an email to Connected to India that it is experiencing growth across its global engineering footprint, spanning the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

“It will be a hive for our research and development endeavours, as we focus on great technology breakthroughs,” he said. “I’m very confident that the ingenuity of our engineers and scientists here in Singapore — and the many more who will join them — will continue to drive Dyson forward all around the globe.”

Today, Dyson is a global technology company, with its workforce standing at close to 14,000 people – 4,500 of whom are in the UK and 1,200 of whom are in Singapore.