Dutch YouTuber manhandled in Chor Bazaar, Bengaluru; trader arrested

Pedro Mota, a YouTuber from the Netherlands, has been travelling around India, filming videos and making friends with local people. But he had a bad experience yesterday in the Chor Bazaar market in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. Mota was manhandled by a market trader for absolutely no reason, and only just managed to get away from an ugly scene. The trader was later arrested.

This Bengaluru trader got angry with the Dutchman for filming a selfie video. Footage shot by Pedro Mota; released by Bengaluru Police

The Sunday market of Chor Bazaar is one of the biggest markets for second-hand items in the southern state. The name literally means “Thief Market”, perhaps because the low prices make the purchases look like a steal. Mota was walking through the market, making a selfie video, when the very unpleasant incident occurred.

In the video, he says, “I might get something today,” indicating that he, too, is looking for a “steal”. His left hand is half-raised in the air as he walks and talks. A man comes from the opposite direction and grabs Mota’s left hand; the YouTuber at first thinks this is a handshake of sorts, so he says “Namaskar” in greeting.

But it is immediately obvious that the stranger who has grabbed his hand is not friendly. The stranger says, “Kya namaskar? Kya hai yeh? (What namaskar? What is this?)” gesturing at Mota’s right hand, which has the camera on which this footage has been recorded.  

This trader, named Nawab Hayath Sharif, behaved very aggressively even as Mota asked him to let go of his hand. Footage shot by Pedro Mota; released by Bengaluru Police

Taken aback, Mota says, “What’s going on, sir? Could you please let go of my hand?” The stranger still does not let go, and continues gesticulating aggressively while keeping a grip on the Dutchman, who again asks the man to let go of him.

The trader then changes his grip but still does not let go of Mota and continues being aggressive. Finally, Mota appears to be shoved a little and he manages to pull away. The Dutchman walks away from the spot in a hurry, looking quite shaken.

The trader, identified as Nawab Hayath Sharif, was later arrested by Bengaluru Police, who released the video footage. The police filed a case against him under a section of the Karnataka Police Act, pertaining to “certain street offences and nuisance”.