Dubai to launch world’s first automated air taxis

Dubai’s penchant for converting dreams into reality received another shot in the arm as a new video has been released giving glimpse of the world’s first automated aerial taxis (AAT) which would be operational in this dream city.

The skyline of Dubai will soon have air taxis.
The skyline of Dubai will soon have air taxis. Photo courtesy: Youtube

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced last month that it has signed an agreement with German firm Volocopter, which specialises in manufacturing Autonomous Air Vehicles (AAV).

Dubai Media Office tweeted the video providing an insight about how the AAT will revolutionise mobility in the emirate.

The trials for aerial taxis will start later this year. The two-seater AAT will undergo test flights and safety checks for the next five years allowing RTA and Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) enough time to come up with rules and regulations for the new transport system.

The video showcases how the AAT will transport passengers from one part of the city to the another, without any human intervention or the need for a flight licence. It can achieve maximum airspeed of 100 kph and can have a maximum continuous flight time of 30 minutes.

Powered by electricity, the AAT will be equipped with 18 rotors and nine independent battery systems which can be charged within 40 minutes.