Dubai International Airport has fastest free Wi-Fi in Asia, Europe, Africa; IGI in fourth spot

Dubai has a penchant for leading on diverse fronts and this time, Dubai International Airport has got the distinction of having the fastest free Wi-Fi in Asia, Europe and Africa. Changi Airport of Singapore is at the fifth spot while Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi occupies the fourth position in the list.

This has been revealed by Speedtest, which measures internet performance. It has just released the results of its study using data for March to May, 2017. It looked at speeds of free airport Wi-Fi at the busiest airline hubs.

Dubai International Airport has fastest free Wi-Fi in Asia, Europe and Africa.
Dubai International Airport has fastest free Wi-Fi in Asia, Europe and Africa. Photo courtesy: Youtube

It said, “Dubai reigns when it comes to free airport Wi-Fi. In fact, this airport has the fastest Wi-Fi we’ve seen at any airport in Asia, Europe or Africa. Their average upload speed is even faster than their download.”

Seoul airport has the second-fastest Wi-Fi, followed by Tokyo Haneda Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport in India and Singapore Changi Airport rounding out the top five.

Speedtest added, “UAE has clearly prioritised airport Wi-Fi because the Wi-Fi download speed at Dubai International is nearly double the country’s average of 22.12 Mbps.”

Below is the list of 10 airports with the fastest free Wi-Fi.

  1. Dubai International Airport, UAE – Download: 39.50 Mbps, Upload: 46.27 Mbps
  2. Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea – Download: 26.52 Mbps, Upload: 32.76 Mbps
  3. Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan – Download: 18.28 Mbps, Upload: 21.89 Mbps
  4. Indira Gandhi International Airport, India – Download: 15.95 Mbps, Upload: 14.98 Mbps
  5. Changi Airport, Singapore – Download: 15.20 Mbps, Upload: 18.69 Mbps
  6. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand – Download: 10.17 Mbps, Upload: 2.26 Mbps
  7. Hong Kong International Airport – Download: 8.93 Mbps, Upload: 15.74 Mbps
  8. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, China – Download: 3.72 Mbps, Upload: 5.05 Mbps
  9. Beijing Capital International, China – Download: 2.46 Mbps, Upload: 0.90 Mbps
  10. Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China – Download: 2.40 Mbps, Upload: 3.33 Mbps