Dubai implements new COVID-19 restrictions amid increase in cases

Photo courtesy: smarko on Pixabay
Photo courtesy: smarko on Pixabay

With Dubai seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases, it has decided to put in place a fresh set of rules and regulations to control the spread of the pandemic. 

The new measures include shutting down pubs and bars and cracking down on private parties, apart from aggressive testing of incoming travellers. Shopping malls operate at a reduced capacity of 70 per cent while restaurants and cafes will have to close by 1 am and cannot organise any entertainment activities on their premises. 

Additionally, all international tourists as well as UAE residents will have to produce negative RT-PCR tests before being permitted to travel. Weddings and private party attendance has been capped at 10. 

Dubai had reopened businesses and greatly eased restrictions in a bid to boost tourism as early as July last year. However, the last month has seen COVID-19 cases surging with over 4,000 new cases being recorded daily.