Dubai: Get ready for the ultimate cruising experience

While visiting Dubai, you should remember that luxuries, shopping, glitter, tall skyscrapers, futuristic monuments, and deserts are not all that it has to offer. You should also observe the coastlines, which entice the tourists with amazing water sports and cruising adventures.

From private boat tours to shared space, you can choose your cruising trip, and have a great day out on the mellow turquoise waters. Whether on a honeymoon trip or a family vacation, Dubai is the ultimate venue for leisure and thrill. Because of its well-organised and ample cruising facilities, the city is becoming one of the best cruise hubs in the world. Its central geographical location also supports its cruise tourism.

Dubai is becoming one of the topmost cruising destinations in the world.
Dubai is becoming one of the topmost cruising destinations in the world. Photo courtesy: Canva

You can hop on to a wide variety of cruises available to acquire an unforgettable and ultimate cruising experience in Dubai. Here are the best five cruises curated for your convenience:

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

You can rent an upscale Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, through the large human-made affluent canal neighborhood. The ride on the Venetian-styled Marina will forever be etched in your memory. On a two-to-three-hour ride on a traditional Arabic dhow or a wooden boat, you can soak in the majestic views of the Dubai skyline. Spot the significant landmarks, and capture photographs as you go past them. You can avail luxurious dinner cruise, live shows, Arabic dance performances, music on board, welcome drinks, and an international cuisine buffet. The refulgence reflected on the sea waters, the illuminated landmarks and the candlelight dinner are amazing treats for the eyes and the soul. You can go to the upper deck open-air seating or enjoy the window views from the fully air conditioned lower deck. You can purchase dhow cruise tickets online to avail transparent pricing, the best deal, and various other services.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

For an exciting vacation in Dubai, you shouldn’t miss the Dhow Cruise Dubai. Hop on to a traditional wooden boat, now turned into a multi-cuisine restaurant with pleasing entertainment, and sail past the notable monuments of Dubai. It is a great way to comprehend the magnificence of Dubai when time and budget are limited. Take an evening trip to best experience the cruise. You can see the glowing sky and the brilliant Dubai skyline. Capture innumerable frames from various angles for future records. Munching on some delicacies or relaxing on a comfortable couch, you can optimize your satisfaction. You can also take a day’s tour and enjoy sunbathing in winter. Compare the pricing of the various packages available online. You can then select the best one for lucrative offers and services.

Alexandra Dhow Cruise 

Alexandra is an award-winning floating restaurant on a 90-foot renovated dhow. You can enjoy scenic vistas and dine with the prominent Alexandra Dhow Cruise company. It offers unique and unbeatable cruising adventures to tourists. You will sail past the lagoon formed by the man-made island, and the Dubai Marina. Witness modern Dubai in all its glory. You can also watch the live Tanura dance performance on board. It is a delightful experience to see the traditional Arabic show firsthand. You can also satisfy your stomach and quench your heart with diverse and three-course food platters. Again, you can try plenty of salads, desserts, and seafood options. However, for enjoying all these and more, you need to secure your seat on the Alexandra. Buy the tickets online, and get access to a wide range of excellent services and attractive offers.

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

For a 30-minute duration, you can garner a memorable and breathtaking experience of the lake ride. You will be provided a front-row seat on the traditional Abra as you set sail on the Burj Lake. Hence, you can get close-up views of the towering Burj Khalifa. The spectacular light-and-sound show and the world’s largest dancing fountain will enhance the beauty of the wonderful evening. Also, you can witness how the water rises to a 45-storeyed building as the music changes its beats. You can choose from water bikes, kayaks, speed boats, swan boats, and flamingo boats for an exciting and thrilling lake ride. Again, you can select your timing and settle abroad a little earlier. For an amazing and relaxed experience of the ride, you need to buy the tickets beforehand. You can avail of round-trip transportation from your accommodation. Besides, you can procure amazing offers and discounts.

Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise

It is yet another elegant Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek with a unique opportunity to explore. This pretty big refurbished boat can accommodate more than 250 guests. You can celebrate any special occasion on the cruise. For this, you need to contact the authorities and get the details. The only luxury cruise in Dubai, it even houses a live kitchen on board. Visit it along with your family, and relish the signature services, contemporary live music, and freshly prepared multi-cuisine food. You will also admire the wide selection of fine beverages. Its inventive set menu makes it one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai. Have a spectacular view of the skyline from both the upper and lower deck. You can relax on the couches, sunbathe and have fun. In return, you can share this lovely magical experience with your friends and family back home. You should buy the tickets beforehand to reserve your seat. Moreover, you can obtain discounts on special services and various add-ons which will make your ride budget-friendly.

Dubai has popular attractions for tourists wanting to go on cruises. Take a break from the glitz and glamour of Dubai, and invest some time in a rich and over-the-top experience. You need to gather information about the various rides and available packages. Check the official websites, and compare the packages on various sites. Only then can you choose a suitable program for yourself. Be it a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, vacation, or any other reason, you can plan a wonderful surprise for your loved ones. For this, you can rent a yacht or a cruise and celebrate the day with your friends and family.

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