Drumming the beat of diversity: Damaru Singapore

Photo courtesy: Damaru Singapore FB Page

It is impossible to miss them! Bringing life to the proverbial party through their energetic drumming at every festival and show they participate in. 

Connected to India trains the Spotlight on Akshara Thiru the founder of Damaru Singapore. Founded with a vision to celebrate the diversity of Indian drumming, in March 2015.  “A lot of people were familiar with the classical drums, such as tabla and so on, but not many knew about the folk and street drums,” says the passionate young man. 

He saw the gap as an opportunity to get people together – especially in a culturally diverse place like Singapore. “In Singapore, you have the best of everything. There is a good mix of Malayalees, Gujaratis, and Rajasthani, and so on. So I thought, "Why don’t I bring these street styles over and create an Indian ensemble?" 

With aspirations to go international, Damaru, today, has over 40 members ranging from age 5 to 65 years old. Enjoy the interview.