Dominoes’ producer Shalima Motial quotes Paulo Coelho on how it all came together

Kindled in their formative years, their passion for acting resurfaced as soon as they got an opportunity. Shalima Motial, founder of Dream Catchers, returned to showbiz through Singapore’s only Hindi theatre festival Dastak; as did her husband, Himanshu Motial, Regional Vice President at Cambium Networks. Ishika Sircar, APAC Head – Contracts and Compliance – at Meta jumped right into the acting circle when she moved to Singapore, balancing her home and work life.

Speaking with Connected to India, Shalima, Ishika and Himanshu discuss the movie’s upcoming release, balancing their professions with their passion for acting and the time and energy that went into creating Dominoes.

‘Dominoes’ is a full length feature film fully produced in Singapore by Dream Catchers. As the title suggests, the plot features the ripple effect in the lives of four women caused by unexpected incidents that happened simultaneously. It is a reflection upon themselves, their character, their endurance and their inner strength, re-discovering their true self. 

Shalima, who is the driving force behind the venture and producing as well as acting in for the movie, said that once she got the idea to shoot a full length feature film, all the pieces came together smoothly. “If you really want something, the universe conspires to make it happen,” she told Connected to India.

Directed by Rajith Mohan and Himanshu Motial, the movie is scheduled for release in Singapore on February 3, 2023 at Carnival Cinemas.