Diwali: PM Narendra Modi visits Lepcha to celebrate festival of lights with soldiers in customary fashion

Indian PM Narendra Modi maintained his tradition of celebrating Diwali with security personnel. This year he visited Lepcha in Himachal Pradesh to mark the occasion on Sunday (November 12, 2023).

Indian PM Narendra Modi visits Lepcha to celebrate Diwali with soldiers. Photo Courtesy: Narendra Modi X page

“Reached Lepcha in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate Diwali with our brave security forces,” Modi posted on X.

The Indian PM also wished the citizens of the country on the auspicious occasion of Diwali and expressed a hope that the festival would bring happiness, prosperity and good health to everyone.

The Prime Minister tweeted, “Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali! May this special festival bring joy, prosperity and wonderful health to everyone’s lives.”

In an expression of delight, PM Modi on Saturday acknowledged the nation’s radiant celebration of Diwali, emphasising the vivid illumination in every household, attributed to the government’s public welfare schemes.

Renowned celebrities and influencers across India resonated with the PM’s #VocalForLocal movement, lending their support and leveraging their social media platforms to amplify and encourage local vendors and manufacturers.

Several influential figures took to social media to echo PM Modi’s initiative, promoting the idea of ‘Vocal for Local’ and supporting Indian entrepreneurship.

Their messages on X highlighted the essence of supporting the ‘Made in India’ movement, urging their followers to encourage and appreciate local talents and products.

These efforts resonated with the PM’s intent to create awareness and appreciation for local products, aiming to empower and embolden the spirit of indigenous businesses.