Diljit Dosanjh rocks Coachella, slams social media trolls spreading fake news

Punjabi singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh took on social media trolls who had been spreading fake news attacking his Coachella performances. 

The singer tweeted in Punjabi,
The singer tweeted in Punjabi, "Don't spread fake news and negativity." Photo courtesy: Twitter/@coachella

"Eh mere Punjabi bhain bhraawan layi, mere desh da jhanda laike khadi aa kudi, eh mere desh layi, negativity ton bacho, music saareyan da saanjha (This girl is carrying my country's flag, this is for my country and everyone. Music belongs to all, don't use it to spread hate)," the singer had said in Punjabi during his second gig at the California music festival. 

An online group reportedly tweaked his statement and slammed the singer for disrespecting the national flag. Dosanjh hit back at the negative comments and asked the trolls not to spread hate and fake news.

The singer tweeted in Punjabi, "Don't spread fake news and negativity. Mai kiha eh mere desh da jhanda hai. Eh mere desh Lai.. Means meri eh performance mere desh lai je Punjabi nahi aundi tan Google kar leya karo yaar…Kion ke Coachella ek big musical Festival aa othey har desh to log aunde ne.. that's why music sab da sanjha hai. Sahi gal nu puthi kive ghumauna koi tuadey wargeya ton sikey enu v Google kar lo," which roughly translates to, "I had said this is my country's flag, which she got here. This means she got my performance in my country. If you don't understand Punjabi then please Google because Coachella is a big music festival which is attended by people across the world. That's why music is for everyone. How to twist the right words, one should learn from you guys."

Fans of the singer showed their support for him and his performances at the festival. 

Indo-Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh shared pictures of the festival with Diljit Dosanjh and posted on Instagram: "Haanji. My brother Diljit Dosanjh turned Coachella into a Mela." Giving the loudest shout out to Diljit, Lilly Singh wrote, "I've never been to Coachella before and admittedly never really had a desire to go. But when your boy is putting on for the culture and making history, there's no question I was going to do the 6 hour total commute and support. And I would do it five times over again for the GOAT."


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She added in her post, "So proud of Diljit for not only pushing the limits, but doing it with grace and swag on. On a personal note, I also greatly appreciate how supportive Diljit is of me and how vocal he is in general about supporting each other, especially Desi women. That's on some culture changing, role model behavior. Thank you for your example and amplification of love."