Dhoni’s master class for budding cricketers of Singapore

It was undoubtedly the moment all the students of newly opened MS Dhoni cricket academy were waiting for. A day after the official opening of the academy, the world cup winning captain had an intense net session with the students giving them tips on batting, bowling and of course wicketkeeping.

More than 300 children have already enrolled at the MS Dhoni cricket academy, with some of them playing for the under16 team of Singapore. Local cricketing stars who will be coaching at the academy also got an opportunity to learn from one of the best cricketing minds in the world.  Speaking to them, Dhoni explained how to coach young talent and his own expectations from them.

Much to the delight of the parents, India’s number one wicketkeeper batsman repeatedly said, the focus of his academy is on pushing children to play outdoor sport and reduce the time they spend watching TV and playing games on devices.

Connected to India spoke to some of the parents and students about their expectations from the academy and their experience of being coached by the most successful Indian captain.

Also watch video of Dhoni’s training session with the students at the St.Patricks School, Singapore.