Delhi car drags police barricade while moving at speed on flyover; video goes viral

The sight of Delhi Police barricades placed on roads at night to limit access to a neighbourhood or to limit vehicle speed is common. The sight of such a barrier being dragged alongside a car — as if the barrier were a part of the car — is astounding.

In a shocking incident that was filmed and has gone viral, a Maruti Suzuki Swift car was seen dragging a Delhi Police barricade as it moved at speed on a flyover at night. The familiar yellow barricade, with ‘Delhi Police’ written on it, was stuck to the front left door of the car.

The video footage suggested that the friction between the metal barricade and the road surface — as the vehicle was going quite fast — gave off sparks. The barricade also lost one of its wheels. Throughout the unusual incident, the hazard lights of the Swift were turned on.

This odd occurrence has left social media users perplexed. It remains unclear whether any action has been taken against the culprits.

This article was originally published by The Free Press Journal