Decisive Modi locks India down for 21 days

Prime Minister Modi addressing India on COVID-19. Screengrab: Twitter/@narendramodi
Prime Minister Modi addressing India on COVID-19. Screengrab: Twitter/@narendramodi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a nation-wide 21-day complete lockdown starting midnight IST tonight as the country battles the spread of COVID-19. 

In his second address to the nation on the coronavirus, Modi said that if citizens were negligent in observing social distancing, India would pay a heavy price. 

Calling the lockdown like a curfew, the prime minister said India “may have to pay the financial cost for the lockdown but it was essential for the safety of people”.

“This is the time for patience and discipline. I appeal to you with folded hands to remember people are putting their lives at risk for our safety,” he added. 

“One step outside can make way for coronavirus into your house,” said Modi, adding that central and state government will take all steps to ensure supply of essential items.

Modi also announced a central government allocation of INR 15,000 crore to strengthen health infrastructure in order to tackle the coronavirus.

“I have requested all states that health services should be first priority in this situation,” he said, adding that people should not believe in rumours or superstitions and not take any medicines without consulting doctors. 

In his tweet he reassured citizens that essential commodities and medicines would be available.

He further urged people to not get into panic buying mode and put themselves at risk but to stay indoors.

I repeat- Centre and State Governments will ensure all essentials are available. asked people not to panic “I have full faith that we will emerge victorious from this challenge”, concluded the prime minister asking people to take care of themselves and their family.